Swimmers show stamina through action-packed week

Robert Galbreath photo Sophomore Chelsea Wright swims the long-distance 400-freestyle at the Big Piney Duel against Lyman on Oct. 4.

WYOMING – The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team demonstrated unflagging endurance during a hectic week featuring three meets in the span of five days.

The competition opened with Sublette County defeating Lyman, 102-71, in a duel at the Big Piney High School pool on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Back in the water on Thursday, the team took on Kemmerer in another duel. Scores were not available at press time.

The swimmers climbed back on the bus to travel to the Rawlins Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 8, where Sublette County placed fifth with 151 points.

On Tuesday in Big Piney, the team recognized seniors Rhonda Auradou, Morgan Grossman, Lilly Joseph, Rayne Wheeler and manager Owen Nielson.

“I have had the privilege of coaching these athletes for the past four years,” said Co-Head Coach Kursty Day. “They are amazing individuals, and I know they will go on and accomplish their goals in life.”

Grossman qualified for State in her third event – the 100-freestyle – over the weekend as the lead swimmer in the 400-freestyle relay at Rawlins. Sophomore Emma York received the Sportsmanship Award at Big Piney.

“We had a very busy week,” said Day. “These ladies showed strong effort at all three meets with some dropping time and others trying new events and challenging themselves.”

Co-Head Coach Kelsey Harder called it a “wild week.”

“The girls worked really hard and were super competitive,” she said. “They showed up smiling and full of excitement for the day.”

Lyman top-three highlights

Grossman swept the competition in the 50-freestyle, hitting the finish line in 32 seconds. She picked up bronze in the 100-backstroke at 1:28.41.

Wheeler snagged first place in the 100-backstroke, finishing the event with a time of 1:24.22. She placed second in the 50-freestyle at 32.07 seconds.

Joseph captured gold in diving, scoring 148.15 points following six dives. Auradou came in second in the event with 111.75 points.

York picked up first place in the 400-freestyle, timing the long-distance event in at 6:03.23. She scooped up bronze in the 50-freestyle at 34.20 seconds.

In the 200-individual medley, Shelby Scott took second place at 3:20.70. She also earned silver in the 100-backstroke, timing in at 1:26.97.

Clocking in at 2:52.83, Jolynn Jones placed second in the 200-freestyle. Addy Levitt followed in third place with a time of 2:59.65.

Bryn Arne came in second place in the 100-butterfly, posting a time of 2:02.30. Hadlee Francis finished a few seconds later in third place at 2:04.17.

KaLee Bohnet bagged bronze in the 200-individual medley with a time of 3:42.30. Alexis Thompson placed third in the 100-freestyle, completing the event in 1:18.37.  Evalyn Smith scored bronze in the 100-breaststroke at 1:59.42.

In relay action, Grossman, Auradou, Joseph and Wheeler won the 400-freestyle, hitting the finish line at 5:17.66. York, Libby Olson, Levitt and Thompson came in second in the event with a time of 5:34.62.

Clairee Bingham, Wheeler, Francis and Olson captured silver in the 200-medley relay at 3:05.18.

Joseph, Levitt, York and Grossman placed second in the 200-freestyle relay, posting a time of 2:20.24.

Thompson, Scott, Cambry Jenks and Kamia Runyan took third place in the 200-freestyle relay at 2:33.84.

Kemmerer top-three highlights

Auradou snagged first place in diving, tallying 169.90 points.

Levitt, Maggie Walker, Bohnet and Grossman snagged first place in the 200-medley relay, clocking in at 2:34.30.

Walker picked up second place in the 100-breaststroke with a time of 1:37.08. Wheeler placed second in the 400-freestyle, finishing the long-distance event in 5:56.77.

Levitt took second place in the 100-backstroke at 1:32.57.

Grossman snapped up silver in the 200-freestyle at 2:31.60. She also earned bronze in the 100-backstroke at 1:40.25.

Wheeler placed third in the 200-freestyle with a time of 2:42.40. Bingham came in third place in the 200-individual medley, posting a time of 3:42.88. York placed third in the 50-freestyle spring, hitting the finish line at 33.88 seconds.

The 200-freestyle relay team – Wheeler, Thompson, Walker and Grossman – scooped up silver with a time of 2:15.29.

Alyce Hayward, Thompson, Jones and Wheeler came in third place in the 200-medley relay at 2:56.35. Bingham, Francis, York and Mya Swian placed third in the 400-freestyle relay at 6:24.33.

Rawlins highlight

Grossman captured third place in the 200-freestyle, timing in at 2:14.11.

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