Swimmers find success during busy weekend

Courtesy photo Big Piney senior Rayne Wheeler became the first Puncher to qualify for State at the Worland Quint in the 200 individual medley. Wheeler took fourth place in the IM and second place in the 100 breaststroke on Friday.

WYOMING – Athletes on the Sublette County combined girls’ swim team continued to improve times and record personal bests over a weekend featuring back-to-back meets.

On Friday, Sept. 9, the team competed against four other teams at the Worland Quint where Sublette County snagged third place with 197 points.

Hitting the road again on Saturday, Sublette County took seventh place with 81 points at the annual Gene Dozah Invite sponsored by Powell.

Big Piney senior Rayne Wheeler joined the State roster after qualifying in the 200 individual medley at Worland. She came in fourth place with a time of 2 minutes, 39.33 seconds. Wheeler picked up silver in the 100 breaststroke on Friday, clocking in at 1:22.32.

Pinedale senior Lilly Joseph came in fourth place at Worland in diving at 130.45 points, punching her ticket to State.

Senior Morgan Grossman captured first place in the 200 freestyle at Worland, timing in at 2:17.98. She also earned bronze in the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:10.08.

Rhonda Auradou, also a senior, came in third place in diving, scoring 165.25 points following six dives.

Relay highlights at Worland included fourth place in the 200 medley relay with sophomore Maggie Walker, Wheeler, sophomore Jolynn Jones and sophomore Emma York hitting the finish line at 2:21.45.

Grossman, sophomore Alexis Thompson, Jones and York picked up fourth place in the 400 freestyle relay on Friday at 4:45.86.

“We had some huge time drops this weekend,” said Co-Head Coach Kursty Day. “Most of our athletes dropped 2 or 3 seconds in their individual events. Mariaha Morgan dropped 7 seconds in her 100 freestyle. Jolynn Jones took off 33 seconds and Emma York took off 32 seconds in the 500 freestyle. This season is off to a great start.”

Both meets provided opportunities for athletes to “see their dedication and hard work pay off,” said Co-Head Coach Ambr Seeman.

“With great competition, our athletes were challenged in every race,” she added. “Great attitudes, team spirit and sportmanship prevailed and were noted by coaches from opposing teams.”

Additional Big Piney results – Worland

• 200 medley relay: Tyrney Roberts, Kaylea Mortensen, Libby Olson and Shelby Scott in sixth place at 2:39.46 and Cambry Jenks, Addy Levitt, KaLee Bohnet and Chelsea Wright in seventh at 2:48.78.

• 200 freestyle: Jones in 11th place at 2:42.20, York in 12th at 2:42.47, Aurora Rees in 14th at 2:56.81, Kamia Runyan in 16th place at 3:09.18 and Wright in 18th at 3:12.96.

• 50 freestyle: Scott in 12th place at 32.34, Clairee Bingham in 18th at 34.44, Jenks in 26th at 38.72, Morgan in 27th at 41.17 and Charlotte Delker in 28th at 44.12.

• 100 freestyle: York in 12th place at 1:09.74, Jones in 15th at 1:11.21, Rees in 18th at 1:16.62, Bingham in 19th at 1:19.36, Wright in 22nd at 1:23.90, Runyan in 23rd at 1:30.61, Catie Langlois in 26th at 1:34.58, Morgan in 27th at 1:35.72 and Delker in 28th at 1:43.76.

• 200 freestyle relay: Rees, Olson, Runyan and Roberts in sixth place at 2:18.37; Auradou, Joseph, Wright and Jenks in seventh at 2:22.39; Arne, Francis, Hayward and Bingham in ninth at 2:32.27 and Smith, Langlois, Morgan and Delker in 10th at 3:02.06.

• 100 breaststroke: Scott in seventh place at 1:43.95.

• 400 freestyle relay: Mortensen, Morgan, Langlois and Francis in eighth place at 6:12.83.

Additional Big Piney results – Powell

• 200 medley relay: Wheeler, Walker, Jones and Grossman in sixth place at 2:19.85; Scott, Mortensen, Bohnet and Levitt in 11th at 2:37.05; Roberts, Runyan, Olson and Bingham in 14th at 2:46.06 and Hayward, Francis, Wright and Morgan in 16th at 3:14.83.

• 200 freestyle: Wheeler in 14th place at 2:26.99, Scott in 22nd at 2:42.19, Bingham in 28th at 2:55.80 and Jenks in 33rd at 3:15.09.

• 50 freestyle: Jones in 16th place at 31.14 seconds, York in 18th at 31.48, Rees in 22nd at 33.40, Runyan in 27th at 35.56, Wright in 30th at 36.69, Langlois in 35th at 40.40, Morgan in 36th at 42.06 and Delker in 37th at 42.37.

• 100 butterfly: Wheeler in 11th place at 1:21.74.

• 100 freestyle: Runyan in 26th place at 1:21.07, Jenks in 33rd at 1:31.93, Morgan in 34th at 1:34.78 and Langlois in 35th at 1:37.38.

• 500 freestyle: Jones in 15th place at 7:06.23 and York in 16th at 7:06.37.

• 200 freestyle relay: Walker, Thompson, Wheeler and Grossman in eighth place at 1:59.57; York, Rees, Olson and Roberts in 13th at 2:13.23; Joseph, Jenks, Wright and Auradou in 15th at 2:20.59; Runyan, Bingham, Mortensen and Arne in 18th at 2:30.30 and Smith, Langlois, Morgan and Delker in 20th at 3:04.51.

• 100 backstroke: Scott in 16th place at 1:23.40, Rees in 22nd at 1:36.99, Bingham in 24th at 1:39.56 and Delker in 26th at 1:55.65.

• 400 freestyle relay: Thompson, Jones, Levitt and York in ninth place at 4:57.57; Bohnet, Rees, Arne and Scott in 14th at 5:33.24 and Jenks, Hayward, Francis and Langlois in 16th at 6:07.79.

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