Girls’ swim team competes at ‘biggest’ event

Robert Galbreath photo The Sublette County combined girls’ swim team gets pumped up before the Pinedale Invitational on Oct. 1. The team’s positive attitude and fighting spirit helped it compete at the largest event in the team’s recent history.

LARAMIE – Twenty-two teams, including the Sublette County combined girls’ swim team, converged at Laramie High School for two days of action at “the biggest meet we have ever attended,” said Co-Head Coach Kursty Day.

On Friday, Oct. 14, meet organizers hosted a pre-invitational, followed by the regular invitational on Saturday.

Sublette County hit the pool against the defending 3A State Champions, Lander, and 2021 4A State titleholder, Laramie, along with a host of programs ranging in size from Lyman to Cheyenne Central and Kelly Walsh high schools.

Many individual events included 50 to 70 contestants, with several sprinting events registering well over 100 entries. Relays typically consisted of approximately 40 to 50 teams battling for the top spot.

Regardless of their opponents’ size, athletes from Sublette County posted strong performances and faster times, stepping up with fearlessness in a crowded field.

Senior Rayne Wheeler broke into the top 20 in the 100-backstroke on Saturday, picking up 19th place, clocking in at 1 minute, 14.33 seconds. Fellow senior Morgan Grossman bagged 14th place on Saturday in the 500-freestyle with a time of 6:07.44.

“The meet was a little intimidating at first with all the 4A, 3A and USA swimming teams, but once the meet got started, the team was ready to swim,” said Coach Day. “We had a few girls get their personal best times in their individual events. Rayne and Morgan are less than a half-second away from qualifying in the 50-freestyle.”

The team “looks forward” to the Conference Meet in Rawlins on Oct. 21-22, Day added.

Saturday Invitational results

• 200-medley relay: Addy Levitt, Maggie Walker, Jolynn Jones and Libby Olson in 28th place at 2:26.86 and Alyce Hayward, Bryn Arne, Hadlee Francis and Mya Swain in 41st place at 3:05.79.

• 200-freestyle: Hayward in 47th place at 2:57.42.

• 200-individual medley: Wheeler in 23rd place at 2:40.13 and Lilly Joseph in 48th at 3:21.31.

• 50-freestyle: Grossman in 32nd place at 28.46 seconds, Olson in 79th at 30.81, Walker in 82nd at 31.10, Levitt in 90th at 31.70, Aurora Rees in 112th at 33.23, Clairee Bingham in 125th at 34.73, Arne in 127th at 35.12, Kamia Runyan in 133rd at 35.77, Francis in 143rd at 37.56, Catie Langlois in 147th at 38.36, Mariaha Morgan in 149th at 38.98, Swain in 150th at 40.57 and Charlotte Delker in 157th at 44.99.

• 100-butterfly: Jones in 27th place at 1:18.94 and Francis in 36th at 1:51.71.

• 100-freestyle: Olson in 48th place at 1:10.89, Levitt in 53rd at 1:11.83, Rees in 71st at 1:15.73, Hayward in 75th at 1:20.20 and Delker in 95th at 1:41.34.

• 500-freestyle: Arne in 42nd place at 7:52.91.

• 200-freestyle relay: Wheeler, Olson, Walker and Grossman in 23rd place at 2:00.80 and Arne, Langlois, Bingham and Rees in 46th place at 2:29.71.

• 100-backstroke: Jones in 50th place at 1:26.69 and Langlois in 55th at 1:41.04.

• 100-breaststroke: Walker in 27th place at 1:28.06, Runyan in 54th at 1:48.65 and Bingham in 55th at 1:48.79.

• 400-freestyle relay: Wheeler, Jones, Levitt and Grossman in 22nd place at 4:37.03 and Bingham, Langlois, Hayward and Francis in 36th at 5:49.54.

Friday Pre-Invite results

• 200-medley relay: Levitt, Walker, Jones and Olson in 29th place at 2:25.23 and Hayward, Arne, Francis and Swain in 44th at 3:03.10.

• 200-freestyle: Grossman in 12th place at 2:13.97, Rees in 63rd at 2:48.72, Runyan in 74th at 3:08.32, Francis in 77th at 3:13.54 and Langlois in 78th at 3:14.60.

• 200-individual medley: Olson in 30th place at 3:22.39.

• 50-freestyle: Wheeler in 30th place at 28.18 seconds, Grossman in 32nd at 28.20, Walker in 70th at 30.23, Levitt in 89th at 31.12, Hayward in 130th at 34.77, Morgan in 143rd at 37.75, Swain in 147th at 38.13 and Delker in 161st at 45.58.

• 100-butterfly: Jones in 21st place at 1:20.79.

• 100-freestyle: Wheeler in 30th place at 1:02.68, Levitt in 75th at 1:10.96, Bingham in 100th at 1:18.45, Arne in 105th at 1:19.76, Olson in 106th at 1:20.63, Runyan in 118th at 1:27.46, Langlois in 120th at 1:29.31, Morgan in 124th at 1:32.21 and Swain in 126th at 1:32.78.

• 500-freestyle: Hayward in 39th place at 7:59.05.

• 200-freestyle relay: Wheeler, Olson, Walker and Grossman in 20th place at 2:00.70 and Arne, Langlois, Bingham and Rees in 44th at 2:23.56.

• 100-backstroke: Rees in 62nd place at 1:40.01, Francis in 66th at 1:46.13 and Delker in 68th at 1:53.26.

• 100-breaststroke: Walker in 27th place at 1:27.17 and Jones in 45th at 1:36.32.

• 400-freestyle: Wheeler, Jones, Levitt and Grossman in 16th place at 4:34.20 and Bingham, Langlois, Hayward and Francis in 31st at 5:51.70.

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